If he really started to believe in himself, he might actually be pretty good...” - Lisa LePine, Promo Queen

Rest in Peace

Redwood Son

After a coming out of the gates hot in late 2008, Redwood Son found himself almost completely lost in the fall of 2009, when original drummer and long time Friend Kipp Crawford was tragically killed.  It was a long road back, and on the heels of that tragedy, Redwood Son was named "Best New Artist" of the 2010 Portland Music Awards.  In June 2011, he followed with a Double Album titled "The Lion's Inside" which showcased some prolific songwriting prowess, and a lofty Debut effort.

The Debut Album was promoted heavily over the course of the next 2 years, prior to finding it's way into the hands of Producer Steve Berlin of the Band "Los Lobos".  A natural evolution towards Country Music had been taking shape on the road, and oddly enough, the follow up effort found a genre of it's own, when Redwood Son self released the "Westicana" EP in the Spring of 2016, featuring Six of the Eleven Tracks.  The "Saints & Renegades" LP is set to release in the Spring of 2018.

With a solid following and fanfare residing in the Great Pacific Northwest, it was time to make yet another move.  In late 2016, Redwood Son relocated to Nashville TN, after being selected as a Top 4 finalist in the Eckrich "Music City Sing Off" which took place at the Famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, as part of their 58th Anniversary.

"Westicana" EP

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“Redwood Son doesn’t just play roots music, or funk music, or Americana, or some Northwest invention that comes out of adding unnecessary instruments. More than anything else, Redwood Son plays fun music. They have fun playing it. Their fans have fun hearing it. That is the connection.”

Michael Miller - Dryvetyme Onlyne

The easiest label to affix to Redwood Son’s music is “Americana,” but “roots” also fits. And because of his sound’s elastic nature, it sometimes, to some ears, could sound like a jam band, or country rock, or possibly something that would appeal to the most demanding of Jack Johnson fans (if such fans exist). It’s a very summery sound, if you will. BEND BULLETIN - http://www.bendbulletin.com/news/1362425-151/redwood-son-kicks-off-free-shows

“Malm is a gritty singer and visionary”

Rob Cullivan - Portland Tribune

"Golden rays of Americana" 
 Mark Stock - Willy Week

“An up-and-coming Star”
KGW (Live @ 7)


You Know You (feat.) Redwood Son's SON